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Home is a network organization of practicing lawyers who specialize in areas of law that involve taxation. has four main components to the areas of law involving taxation. The first component is tax planning, the second is tax resolution, the third is tax defence, and the fourth is GST and Customs resolution.
About Us is able to provide expert representation for you before the Tax Court of Canada, Federal Court Trial Division, and the Federal Court of Appeal. As well, is able to carry out your objections to the Canada Revenue Agency, as well as assisting in audits and appeals. The firm also executes fairness relief applications , voluntary disclosure applications, provides tax opinions and is active in providing assistance to accountants and non-tax lawyers.
Services is able to assist you in all areas of tax problems. As a former Department of Justice lawyer representing the Canada Revenue Agency, James Rhodes has extensive experience in tax dispute resolution at both the audit and appeals stage. He also has extensive experience in tax litigation before the Tax Court of Canada and the Federal Court of Appeal.
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FAQ's related to Voluntary Disclosure Canada, CRA Reassessment, Directors Assessment Canada & Unreported Income.
Canada's Taxation Law System
The Federal and Provincial governments of Canada levy taxes upon all tax-paying entities in order to finance various public sector needs. In the taxation system's creation, there was an attempt to produce a neutral, efficient, fair and equitable system. To this end, both governments employ a combinationof flat and progressive tax rates. A flat tax rate is one that applies to all taxpayers equally, regardless of their consumption or income levels.
Cases & Commentary
Cases & Commentary of Taxation Lawyers.
Tax Planning
Tax planning involves a determination of the most tax advantageous strategy for an individual or a business for the future years
Tax Resolution
Tax resolution involves dealing with the tax authorities, i.e. the Canada Revenue Agency ('CRA'), to resolve disputes with them to get you the best possible resolution.
Tax Defence
Tax Defence involves providing legal counsel in defence of criminal charges arising from such matters as tax evasion.
GST & Customs Resolutions
GST and Customs Resolution involves dealing with the appropriate taxing authorities to resolve disputes with them.
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