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Using the Internet for Tax Help

With the beauty of spring comes the beast of tax filing.  This is the time when everyone is forced to remember last year’s details, acknowledge how much or how little they made, and for an unfortunate few – receive a tax bill.  

Dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency: General Tips


One of the most accurate comments I've heard made about the Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) was by a Justice of the Tax Court of Canada.  His comment was that taxpayers would be a lot better off if they just thought of the CRA as Canada's biggest collection agency, and they stopped looking for the CRA to be fair.

It Pays To File Your Tax Return and Officials Can Be Reasonable Even If You’re ‘Late’ – by Malcolm Morrison


TORONTO (CP) - As the clock ticks closer to this year's income tax filing deadline of May 1, there may be some taxpayers who just can't be bothered to file a return on time - and others who think they can pull a fast one by simply ignoring the Canada Revenue Agency.