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Federal Income Tax Lawyers Canada | Corporate Tax Law | Canada Revenue Agency is a network organization of practicing lawyers who specialize in areas of law that involve taxation. It has four main components to the areas of law involving taxation. The first component is tax planning, the second is tax resolution, the third is tax defence, and the fourth is GST and customs resolution.
All lawyers handling matters within our network specialize in only their area of law. This ensures that whichever lawyer handles your matter will give you the best possible representation, while being able to draw on the expertise of the other lawyers practicing in our network
Tax Litigation & Tax Dispute Resolution is able to provide expert representation for you before the Tax Court of Canada, Federal Court Trial Division, and the Federal Court of Appeal. As well, is able to carry out your objections to the Canada Revenue Agency, as well as assisting in audits and appeals. The firm also executes fairness relief applications , voluntary disclosure applications, provides tax opinions and is active in providing assistance to accountants and non-tax lawyers.
The principal lawyer working with for tax litigation and tax dispute resolution is James Rhodes (BSc, LLB, and has completed two-thirds of the MTax with an ‘A-’ average). James began his career in tax law as a student-at-law, where he received the award for top mark in taxation law in his second year, and shared the top mark in taxation law in this third year. Subsequently, James received a prestigious clerkship with the Tax Court of Canada, where he completed his articles. During his time with the Tax Court, he prepared bench memoranda and legal opinions to assist the Justices of the Court in their role of deciding tax appeals.
Following his clerkship, James was hired by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to work in their Canadian Corporate Tax department. During his time at PwC, James was responsible for providing legal opinions and tax planning assistance to a range of clients. In August 1999, James left PwC to pursue his Masters of Tax (MTax) from the University of Waterloo.
While enrolled in the MTax program, James commenced a co-op position with KPMG in its Insurance Tax department. He was later hired full-time to work in KPMG’s Financial Institutions Tax department. During his time with KPMG, James Rhodes was responsible for providing legal opinions, ensuring the tax compliance of clients, and coordinating the T1 tax return preparation of individual clients.
In February of 2001, James left KPMG to work for the Federal Department of Justice in their Tax Law Section. At Justice, James was responsible for the execution of informal and general tax appeals before the Tax Court of Canada and the Federal Court of Appeal. James was also responsible for providing legal opinions to appeals and audit officers of the Canada Revenue Agency.
During his time with Justice, James Rhodes was awarded the Group Merit award in 2003 for outstanding achievement, as well as receiving the award for outstanding personal performance. In his four year span at the Department of Justice, James litigated over one hundred appeals before the Tax Court. As well, he was co-counsel on several major cases to both the Tax Court and the Federal Court of Appeal. It is estimated James has conducted over 100 trials before the Tax Court.